KNMI disgrace

KNMI (= dutch meteorological institute) is no other than your typical dutch governmental institute. Over the past month or so, i asked them about for questions, of which they replied to one. They have a huge grass field to their disposal, that they use to launch two balloons per day. I asked if i could let up mine there. They answered in one sentence “In a reply to your questions, we can not answer positively to your request”.
Sigh, such an easy answer. I pay enough taxes, and i don’t want much, but if i want to use their field to let up my balloon, the answer is no. I could send an angry email, but after a reply like this, i don’t even want to use their field anymore. Airtraffic control on the other hand, proves very professional and helpful in communications. I thought it’d be safe to let up the balloon at the place where most balloons take off, but, the KNMI doesn’t care about that. Bah! Ambtenaren.

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