Universal Mini Radio Module

I like modules to be modular; i dont want one flightcomputer, but i want one flightprocessor (=motherboard), that you can interchange with any radiomodule, or any GPS or GPRS module. Whilst everyone leans toward one flightcomputer, i am going for that modular approach. So here is my simple design for the Radiometrix NTX2 for the category radio modules.

For the flightmotherboard i suggest the Arduino; just because it’s cheap and easy. For small systems, i would use the small Arduino Pro Mini. For bigger modules, i would suggest the Arduino Mega. In house now i have the Pro mini, Duemilanova (normal) and the Mega. The Mega is my favorite, it has a mega amount of capabilities.

What’s next? I want to design a simple shield for the arduino’s, on which you can easily hook up all the modules. I think i will start on the Pro Mini, for small flights. That would be great if i can keep it mini, so you can use the minimum balloon size+helium amount, so that a flight would cost no more than ~€30. That’d probably open up HAB’ing for a new group, cheap students like me, for instance.

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