HoHoHo II (cancelled)

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<I have put this launch on cancel, due to no response from the Ampelman guys. Which is weird, because it was their idea. Too bad.>

In the HoHoHo II, probable to fly in October 2010, we will try to attempt to photograph the following sea product from a tethered balloon.

Ampelmann in operation

Launch preperations are due to begin in a few weeks, of which Ampelmann will take care of the controls. They will try to mount a CCTV camera on the balloon that acts as a viewfinder on the boat, and radiocontrols to aim the camera.

I will then take care of some camera equipment and the balloon. This project is still (not even) on the drawing board, but probably to fly somewhere in October.

The Pictura I flightcomputer will not be used, since there is no need for GPS localization.


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