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HoHoHo – I Schematic

So tonight i was bored so i made a schematic too. I hope this answers some questions about how the idea works. It’s not very into detail, but if you’d like, you just ask. Advertisements

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HoHoHo – I Contents

Because of a wide interest in the contents of the first flight, the HoHoHo I, i have made an overview of everything in it, of the payload, with a small description what is is, what is costed and where i … Continue reading

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Mini balloonlaunch?

I have designed the following, with the bare minimum: as light as possible. Three AAA battery’s; a arduino pro mini; a Radiometrix NTX2 10mW verylow power (signal transmitter), and a falcom FSA03 GPS, that’s everything you need: Battery AAA x3      … Continue reading

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Whooh my parachutes have arrived from the states. I asked for funky colors, and that’s what i got. It appeared that they entangle very easily. And to answer your question, I dont know why i have 2. And in the … Continue reading

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40yr old module!

Someone found a meteorological module (40 years ago) on the beach; and today he gave it to me, entirely in one piece. It still had all it’s sensors; Hygrometer, Thermometer(x2), Temperature, Pressure (x2?). And the lead/acid battery was still there … Continue reading

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Balloon launch approved!

Balloon licence in the clear, i have been in contact with some governmental (sigh) organisations and they demand: Scientific research required and max 4kg and max 4sqm of gas and slow decent and not closer than 8km near airport. Which … Continue reading

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GPS Log testing

Obviously i would like to track the balloon, and save it into a little SD card on-board. So, i made a little program, went around Delft, with some pleasing results.

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