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Radio Exam

Today i had an exam for my radio licence. And, i was ready first, and i had the highest score of 39/40. I am not sure it couldnt be easier, although the guy that finished after me thought it was … Continue reading

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That sounds German! HELL yes! All jokes aside, today i implemented the hellschreiber with my Radiometrix NTX2- radiotransmitter. HELLSCHREIBER (wikipedia) is a cool digital method, in which every black pixel is a 1 and the white is a 0. This … Continue reading

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Optic RTTY

Well i always wanted some kind of light-beacon on the payload.. so this could be a little too much…

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Faster Telemetry

So the radio of the last launch transmitted beeps; in the form of bytes, in the 7bit ASCII code. But we do not need 2^7=128 different characters. We need the alphabet, and numbers. So for that we could use 5bit … Continue reading

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Falcom FSA03 Review / Evaluation

This next video is about the Falcom FSA-03 that i also used as backup system as my flightcomputer in the HoHoHo-I HAB. It stopped working after the flight (as the only broken thing in there), so after evaluating it was … Continue reading

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Mini balloonlaunch?

I have designed the following, with the bare minimum: as light as possible. Three AAA battery’s; a arduino pro mini; a Radiometrix NTX2 10mW verylow power (signal transmitter), and a falcom FSA03 GPS, that’s everything you need: Battery AAA x3      … Continue reading

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T68i SMS working!

Thanks to the help of Daniel Richman (Alien Project), the control of the Sony Ericsson T68i is easier than ever. You just hook up two wires to your arduino (GND(orange) and RX(blue)) and you can call and send textmessages. The … Continue reading

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