HoHoHo III comming ~monday!

Before launch:

Some before and after photo’s. Thanks Claudia for the snowpictures in Germany!
After landing:

More after pics and results in the comming days

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2 Responses to HoHoHo III comming ~monday!

  1. Bram Stolk Sr says:

    Your colorfull recovery parachute probably was what caught the eye of Claudia. Well Tim you are fortunate your next flight has to be called CLAUDIA rather than a weird name of a German farmer…….
    I am very anxious to read about your findings on the flight evaluation, hopefully it will reveal why you lost commo links with the balloon.
    Let’s hope TNT, DHL, UPS etc donot screw up and get you the package safely back home.
    This recovery shall help you to keep up the good work in hi-altitude missions using a minimum budget…….well done

  2. Eric says:

    Looking at the outside it looks ok to me.


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