HoHoHo II : Offshore edition

First look at this picture, then imagine what this news is about.

© Ampelmann, "As easy as crossing the street"

I was contacted by CEO Jan van der Tempel of Ampelmann Operations BV. He wanted some good pictures of his offshore product, and made a link with me and my ballooning projects. The Ampelmann is a walkway for ships to offshore units, that compensates and stabilizes the motion of the waves in the sea. Making aerial pictures is a costly business, so, after yesterdays meeting we decided upon developing a tethered (=attached with a nylon rope) ballooning solution. Ampelmann’s engineers will take care of radio controlling the camera’s rotation and tilt for aiming, a CCTV unit and food and beverages. I will take care of the camera’s and balloon. This is due to take place in a few weeks from now. I have named this project the HoHoHo II.

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