Radio Exam

Today i had an exam for my radio licence. And, i was ready first, and i had the highest score of 39/40. I am not sure it couldnt be easier, although the guy that finished after me thought it was difficult, stating “he forgot what resistors in series do” and another person knew the answer to a question “two capacitors in series with capacity C will sum to to 2C” – that was a little uncomfortable so i left quickly. Anyway, Jippy doodle doo!

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  1. Paul says:

    Hi I did my radio exam in 88 got a british class B dont use it now though, last time I used it was around early 2000’S I had a kenwood THD 7E, you would like this rig its a handy talky and is a speciality APRS rig you can do packet radio via satellite PC Sat or the International space station) I managed to send my callsign via both. APRS is quite fun though as you can use it to track people and stuff on maps with GPS I think the balloon would lift it, you will have to google it I havent done any for ages.
    You must be a bit of a radio ham as I see you used RTTY on the balloon? i used to tune into TASS on my shortwave years ago using a microwave modules decoder.
    have a great day , enjoy reading all the space balloon stuff here, its great…cheers….paul

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