Falcom FSA03 Review / Evaluation

This next video is about the Falcom FSA-03 that i also used as backup system as my flightcomputer in the HoHoHo-I HAB. It stopped working after the flight (as the only broken thing in there), so after evaluating it was the antenna. It’s a awful module anyway, it is not only way to sensitive to all kinds of static charges or environmental influences, but it is also fysically very sensitive. The antenna didnt work, so i twisted it a little, and just suddenly came off and took the SMD/solder pads with it, with no option of putting it back! So i decided i should try to hook up another proper antenna, which worked, see the video!

So, summerizing: the Falcom FSA-03 unit is great, but the sarantel helical antenna is awful. At the same time, this antenna is a great feature, but it’s just not robust enough to use for any application which involves any fysical or whatever influence. It is also lousy that you cannot change the antenna or whatever, which all other GPS modules would allow you to. Now, a short video in which i test the unit with the Falcom software.

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