Mini balloonlaunch?

I have designed the following, with the bare minimum: as light as possible. Three AAA battery’s; a arduino pro mini; a Radiometrix NTX2 10mW verylow power (signal transmitter), and a falcom FSA03 GPS, that’s everything you need:
Battery AAA x3      24g       €2,-
Arduino Pro Mini      1g       €15,-
Falcom GPS            80g       €38,-
Resistors&Holders   5g       €2,-
Custom PCB             4g        €8,-
Total                     114g    €65,-

So yeah, a typical small helium baloon can lift 5g, so you’ve got lift-off with 23 balloons. So i could get 50 baloons and have another mission. I can put the spycamera on it again, that weight next to nothing.  See below for PCB (GPS goes onto another small pcb on top)

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