Just 2.5 more days: Todays work..


Oh well lets start with a picture.

Eventhough i’ve got plenty of room in front of my window; the GPS Falcom FSA03 could not get lock at all. You can see my girlfriend sitting on the bench with the payload on her lap; and i was decoding through radiosignals with the computer. You can see the huge amount of zero’s on the screen, indicating no lock. So, do NOT buy the Falcom FSA-03. The Falcom FSA03 sucks it is a bad module. To add keywords: Falcom terrible horrible awful problem problems agony hell devil brain-damage headache.

So, i got out a month old GPS module, worked within the second inside my house. Yay. So now i’m working with two payloads (=two GPS modules), which are all configured for tracking by Jonsowman (thanks, man!). It’s 540 carrier shift, 7n1, 50baud, 434.650MHz. Just 10 milliWats, less than a childrens walkie-talkie, so you have to be looking for it in order to find it.

In other news, i had a bad lithium battery (apparently!) which sucked. It just gave 1.4 Volts, so my camera didn’t like. Then my Canon 720IS made 3 hours of video using a 8Gb card with CHDK. I made interval video’s (camera has a 4gb video limit). So it makes a lot of 10 minute video’s consecutively. Solved! Although, it gets very hot though.

Just solved my SD card issues. I have switched libraries, went from SDuFat to FileLogger to my own FileLagger, and then to Fat16.h, which is the holy grail of sd libraries, i dont get why its not popular. The man of the day is Terry (juxta), hand in hand with Jonsowman. Thanks for the support, and sorry for my cursing on the mIRc channel =)

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