Todays work: Falcom, NTX2, Cam’s!

Today i finally got the NTX2 working. For some reason i got a 550kHz carrier shift instead of a 425kHz one, but i think that’s okay. (is it?). So the radio will be transmitting on his 10milliWatts all the way.

Also i checked the camera’s, the 2 CHDK’ed Canons (560 (4Gb) & 720 (8Gb)), and the spycam (4Gb). The spycam recorded 4Gb within an hour, and the battery was fine. The 560 made 500+ pictures in 3+ hours untill the (crappy) battery ran out. The 720 didnt work properly because of the 8Gb CHDK card didnt want to cooperate. Help!

Also, i hate the Falcom module. Reception sucks, and the fact that it’s 3v3 sucks as well, and it also sucks that it can’t save its preferences.. Also, NewSoftwareSerial for arduino does NOT work for the Mega.

I hope i get the Falcom to cooperate tonight and tomorrow..

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