T68i SMS working!

Thanks to the help of Daniel Richman (Alien Project), the control of the Sony Ericsson T68i is easier than ever. You just hook up two wires to your arduino (GND(orange) and RX(blue)) and you can call and send textmessages. The complication was the PDU codes. Daniel has written a nice little piece of code, that you do not need to worry anymore.

You just say “send_sms(<blablabla>)” and within 1 second my iPhone started ringing that a new textmessage had arrived!

This is the cheapest AND easiest €10 solution to call or send text messages, sms, with the arduino to your phone. Cheap and easy, i like it.



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13 Responses to T68i SMS working!

  1. Claes Nordquist says:

    Hi there!

    -I’m really interested to get my hands on the code that handles the encoding/decoding of PDU messages.

    Is it possible that you would share that to the public?

    • Marcus Weldeborn says:

      Oh, i am also very interested in that code. I have succeeded to send predefined messages for Arduino with a T610 connected, but to get encode/decode working would definitely be nicer.
      (I thought that T610 should have text mode, but i haven’t been able to use it.)

      The thing i am building is just for my own use, and i will not make any money on it. I can make a small donation for the code.

    • Tim Zaman says:

      send me an email

  2. varun says:


    Can you possibly put a circuit online. I am trying to do this but, haven’t found a circuit for this anywhere. Or do I just attach the GND and TX to the phone without anything in the middle?

    Thank you!

    • Tim Zaman says:

      That is correct. The phone runs ~3v though. But i have experienced in my lazyness that it accepts 5V serial as well, although i have occasionally just placed a 10kOhm resistor in between in series just to lower the power through the phone.

  3. Marcus says:

    Hi, nice work there.
    Im trying to make my arduino recieve and send SMS but with no success. I can send sms when connected to a computer but not to arduino. Im using a Sonyercisson T700 and i believe that its the same +AT commands that Ti68.
    Im trying to find information about it but its kind of hard, i dont have very much experience of programming but i think i can do it.

    Im wondering how you send the PDU message to arduino, when i try it my mobile doesn’t respond in any way. Would be nice if i could get a hint how you have solved it.

    Keep ut the good work! 🙂

    • Marcus says:

      Ok, i meant “send the PDU message from arduino to the mobile”.

    • Tim Zaman says:

      That’s because the T700 uses a virtual serial connection. It seems real through the computer, but its just emulated. You have to use an older version. Just pick up a t68i for $5 from ebay as i did once, that one is old enough, and really works very well.

      • Marcus Weldeborn says:

        Ahhh, i see. I will keep my eyes open for an older phone with a non virtual serial connection. Thank you!

  4. Aureja Zelvyte says:


    Hey we are working on project in University of Iceland with arduino and we want to send cheap sms then our system is on. Can you send the code of this cool project to my email? auz1@hi.is

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