Flight computer modularity

(..Still on vacation till next monday)

Today i made a designoverview of things i had to design for my modularity concept. See image. Obviously the processor or flightcomputer would be the arduino. Then on the arduino should be a shield, that can easily hook up with some modular units, connected with cables. The shield then, should be made such that it can talk to current and future modular units.

In the image i have incorporated the very basic of modules, radio, GPS, GPRS (call sms etc) and an SD for data/log. If the above is used on an arduino pro mini, the costs would be about:

  • €20 Arduino Pro Mini
  • €2   Modular Shield (Custom PCB)
  • €50 GPS Falcom FSA-03+Cable to custom PCB
  • €30 Radiometrix NTX2 + CustomPCB + Cable + Simple antenna
  • €15 Sony Ericsson T68i Phone+Cables
  • €15 SD module+cable
    €132,- And you have yourself a complete flightcomputer.
    Then you only need some sensors/camera, balloon, and helium. Easy and cheap as pie. And the best thing: if there is a new, better GPS or whatever module, you can just hook it up to the old system. It’s like having a good camera body, and you can keep adding lenzes or magazines/data cards/ and other accessories, when you have a body that is already good anyway. Like my Hasselblad! =)
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