+1 Minicamera

First off, i tried buying a mini camera from eBay. Check how expensive it was. It was kind of a gamble.. This is what i ordered from Hong Kong:

Then i tested it. I walked from the university to my appartment (~20 mintues). It takes 50mb/minute, and up to a 8gb MicroSD.

I was worried about the rechargable battery.. turns out it is a can-not-be-better lithium-ion cell! Happy about that, and very easy for me to expand.

Summary: Very nice camera, very easy to control and implement into your system; cheap, easily disassembled, lightweight.. what else do you want? The quality btw, was very pleasing. Easily worth the €6,-.  Funny that you can see a lot of western stores sell this same camera for €100,-; so if you want to make some quick money, just buy a 100 there and sell them here. And since it’s my idea, i want half of the profit.

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